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After being slightly incapacitated by some broken bones in my foot, I realized that in order to heal properly, I needed to accept help when it was offered. Those of you who know me well, see that I rarely stop  moving. Being told to stay off my feet is like a jail sentence for me! Thankfully, my husband and friends have cooked, driven, vacuumed, picked up for me, and cheered me up!

One of my closest friends mentioned how good it felt to be helping me. I understood what she meant right away. That’s how I always feel when volunteering, doing a good deed, or even picking out just the right present.

I already knew how good it felt to help others, but now I have seen first hand that taking help from others is also a blessing. In high school, I had terrible math anxiety. I was completely lost. I had no problem with other subjects, but in math, BIG PROBLEMS! My parents sprang for a tutor and he taught me strategies to use that would help me succeed.

That is why I love teaching and tutoring today. It gives me great pleasure providing my students with learning tools that lead them to improved grades and test scores. If I hadn’t taken the help when it was offered, I might never have been accepted to college, passed the teacher’s certification exam, . . .
Randi Gelfond
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