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Elementary Math Strategies by The Broward Tutor

Are your kids staying up late, filled with frustration over math problems? Are you both ready to pull your hair out? Here are a few math strategies that will help your child gain confidence.

Word problems seem to be trickier than ever these days. While reading them, your child can circle all numbers/data, underline keywords that tell which operation to use, and then underline the question being asked. Pretending they are in the given situation will help them think of the separate parts involved.  These ‘chunks’ of information can be plugged into the order given in the problem.

Goal setting can be beneficial. For instance, if your child does just the easiest problems first, he or she will feel an immediate sense of achievement. Hopefully, this will lead to a determination to complete the harder ones. Of course you can help with a few problems. Perhaps you can show your son/daughter a different way to solve them. Once your child gets the idea, try to back off. The idea is to get them to become self-reliant. THEY CAN AND WILL FIGURE IT OUT!

If your child is a student in a Broward County school, he or she can use for tutorials and explanations of each lesson. The Reteach workbook shows each lesson (coordinated with the regular workbook pages) broken into small easy-to-understand steps. Have your child do the homework problem using the same steps.

One of my students stops and takes a deep breath before tackling a difficult problem. Then she says to herself, “I can do this.” This simple mantra gets her focused and in the zone. I’ve seen for myself how this short bit of mental preparation helps her complete a challenge. Is is very satisfying for a child to figure out a math problem on their own!

Remember, your child must be able to complete math problems independently to pass the test. Good luck and GO MATH!

Mathematically yours,
Randi Gelfond, a.k.a.
The Broward Tutor

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