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Involve your Children in the Holidays by the Broward Tutor

There are so many fun and easy ways to involve your children in the holidays.
The best part is that you can give them real, meaningful jobs to do! 

Remember those holiday art projects your kids did in preschool? I’ll bet they’re in your dusty garage! Pull them out, and let your children tape them to your walls. They will really appreciate that you have kept their special artwork, AND will notice how their artistic abilities have improved over time. When your kids help you decorate your home, it’s a real self-esteem booster for them.
The biggest tip – DON’T expect everything to be perfect! You will have to compromise a bit if you want your holidays to be fun!

A great confidence builder is to have a grown-up conversation with your kids about any project you will be undertaking. Get that communication flowing! Plan projects together by discussing the steps involved. Ask your children how to best gather the materials, and which stores will be likely to have your items. Have them create a list of the items needed. As far as food goes, have your child go through your recipes for you, and make a shopping list of the necessary ingredients. Don’t forget to let them help you wrap presents, roll your cookie dough into balls, and/or set the table. You will soon have enthusiastic holiday helpers!

A few EASY holiday kids crafts:
• PAPER SNOWFLAKES – All you need is paper, scissors, and if you are throwing caution to the wind, glitter, crayons, etc.. . .
Paper snowflakes can be hung from the ceiling or taped to a window, and instantly create a winter wonderland!
Begin with a square piece of paper. Fold square in half diagonally. Fold what is now a triangle again diagonally. Fold paper in thirds (one side to the front, the other to the back. Trim the extra piece of paper off the end of your small triangle. Cut fun designs around the outside of your triangle. Unfold and admire! For a visual set of instructions, here’s a link:
• PLACE MATS – Have your kids color a holiday scene on construction paper, or cut strips of colored construction paper so they can ‘weave’ one on their own.
• PLACEHOLDERS – Your family and friends will get a kick out of homemade personalized placeholders during a special holiday dinner.

Enjoy spending this wonderful time with your kids. Your life isn’t likely to get less stressful anytime soon, so get started today!

Randi Gelfond,
The Broward Tutor

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