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Summer Library Fun by The Broward Tutor

Have you taken your kids to the library lately?
Libraries in Broward County are a perfect place to spend quality time this summer. library-clipart-prbrcsz4

During the school year, your children are given reading materials in school that may or MAY NOT interest them.
Often, there is strong pressure to read AR books (in order to pass a quiz, or win points for their class).
Obviously, AR books are terrific, but a trip to the library allows kids to choose their own books. This will give them the ability to read about what really excites them, and to form a true and real love of reading.

In addition to the freedom your son or daughter has to independently select their own reading materials, the library has so much more to offer!

The Youth Summer Program kicks off June 7th, which is just around the corner. In addition to reading, there are a multitude of fun activities your child(ren) can participate in for FREE, including Arts & Crafts, Lego Creations, Science experiments, Theater, Elementary Engineering, Movies, Money & Banking, and Mummy Making. You can download a free Summer Program Guide at to find out where and when these cool programs are offered.

Online, the library offers Internet Safety Tips for Kids, Homework Help, and Smarty Games, a free educational website for Pre-K and elementary school students.

I meet many of my students in libraries around Broward county, and I am surprised at how few children and their parents have library cards. Many of my students want to check out materials, but can’t because their parents/grandparents/guardians/caregivers don’t have one. If you work, live, or attend school in Broward county, all you need is a driver’s license with a photo on it. That’s It!

Libraries also provide stress relief. They are quiet, air conditioned, and have comfy tables and chairs. So, shut out the heat, and get lost in a world of faraway lands, underground caves, tornadoes, fairy tales, zero gravity . . .  the possibilities are endless!

Have a wonderful summer!
Randi Gelfond,
The Broward Tutor

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