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All children do not work at the same pace. Some struggle with specific skills, or have one subject that needs more explanation. My job is to alleviate frustration, and instead, create motivation. Sharing my love of reading and math puts children at ease as soon as they meet me. Then, I am able to help them overcome any obstacles to their learning by building on their knowledge step by step, until they have reached mastery.

Broward TutorI often use your child’s different senses to aid and engage their information processing. For example, I may teach concepts to your child by using visuals such as pictures, charts, and maps. Your child may be an auditory/oral learner, so we will spend more time talking and listening. If your child learns best by doing, the kinesthetic/physical style of teaching will involve motion, acting out solutions, and hands-on activities like reading games and math manipulatives. I also offer many tips and tricks that will help your child remember information and stay organized. I will remove any feelings of failure, and unlock the mysteries of learning in a stress-free, positive way!

The Broward Tutor will:
  • Identify weaknesses and promote strengths
  • Reinforce key concepts and academic basics
  • Increase self-confidence and motivation
  • Improve grades and raise test scores
  • Utilize games and manipulatives to make learning fun!
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Private Tutor

As a parent and educator of gifted children, I am understanding, accepting, and sensitive to the needs of the gifted or curious child. Private lessons are adapted to fit your child’s learning style, and may be individualized according to your wishes and needs, or the interests of your child. Academically advanced students should remain challenged! I enjoy creating fun and imaginative learning experiences such as planning a garden, opening a new store, inventing a city, or organizing a trip. Additionally, some gifted children may need to develop better organizational and study skills. I am able to teach many strategies kids find very helpful!

The Broward Tutor offers services that may include:
  • Regular academic curriculum and homework help
  • Open-ended high order thinking activities
  • Creative, imaginative, and productive challenges
  • Exploration of advanced subject matter
  • Accelerated pacing of academic curriculum
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Broward tutorIn my 14 years of teaching elementary school, my ESOL students always made the most rapid progress! It is important to develop any new language through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. One-on-one tutoring with The Broward Tutor is a perfect way for your child to build their English skills more quickly. I will help develop your child’s language skills so that they will become successful communicators. In order to do so, I integrate both language and academic content through the use of strategies like games, charts, and demonstrations.  

The Broward Tutor offers offers lessons that will help your child achieve English literacy. Services include:
  • Listening comprehension
  • Verbal expression
  • Reading vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency
  • Writing and grammar
  • Social conversation
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The Broward Tutor Randi Gelfond

Tests are something none of us can avoid, but there are ways to approach testing that can help your child prepare, maintain focus, and get positive results. Tests vary in style (multiple choice, true/false, essays), and so do test-takers! We all learn differently, so I will build on your child’s individual strengths to create a plan for success. Coaching your child with effective test taking and memory techniques such as idea association, mnemonic aides, and visualization will reduce stress, making them more knowledgeable and confident! Using practice tests, I will analyze their scores and show your son or daughter how to improve in all troublesome areas. Whether your child is taking a quiz, weekly test, chapter test, standardized test, or end of year test, I will help them lay a solid foundation for the future.
Better preparation = Higher test scores!

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The Broward Tutor Randi Gelfond

My goal is to promote independent study habits.  Learning HOW to study will help your child retain the information they learn. Memorization is not the answer! Knowledge must be embedded in the brain’s long term memory.  According to educational research, maximum studying efficiency can only be reached by taking any background information children already know about the subject, and then using the given text to make more personal connections. Strategies I may introduce to your child are mind mapping, highlighting, underlining, color-coding, rewriting, summarizing, and vocabulary building.

In addition, The Broward Tutor offers assistance in the following areas:
  • Organization
  • Preparation of study environment
  • Time management
  • Effective notetaking
  • Outlining
  • Reference and research skills

Broward Tutor Randi Gelfond holds a current Florida Department of Education Professional Educator’s Certificate with endorsements in Elementary Education (1-6), Gifted Education, and ESOL. Ranked as a Highly Qualified Teacher, she has completed professional development in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science content.

Contact Randi at 954-850-0964 or to get started today!

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