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Mrs. Gelfond is the Superhero of Tutors! Kids learn from her because she shows you ways to help you understand more easily. In Math, she taught me more about place value, and showed me a nine trick to help me remember my multiplication tables. We make a good team.
David, 5th grader

Mrs. Gelfond has helped my writing increase 100%. She has the best methods that are both educational and fun. She is always smiling, and every Thursday I have a blast. My mom doesn't even have to tell me I have tutoring. I know. I almost don't want to leave. We explore websites for research, and I truly am enthusiastic about going to tutoring. I accelerate across the street, and my brain takes off learning about all different things like Stonehenge and the Holocaust.
Jake, 6th grader

Mrs. Gelfond is tutorific! She helps me with reading comprehension and vocabulary strategies. She makes learning fun with activities like beach ball questions, dictionary races, and board games. She uses Sports Illustrated Kids to make questions out of the sports cards for me to answer. I even made a quiz for her! This year, I was more successful on my report cards and FCAT test. She is cool, fun, and awesome!
Zack, 3rd grader

Mrs. Gelfond is a nice and smart tutor who likes kids a lot. From her, I learned how to read and spell in English. She has taught me Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing too. The way she teaches makes it easy to learn and understand new things, and I am trying harder than I ever did before!
Alejandro, 5th grade ESOL student

Mrs. G is a spectacular tutor. Once we began our lessons, I started to get better at Reading, Writing, and Science. I went up 31 points on my Reading FCAT this year! At first, I didn't like to read. I was just into Math. I would just ignore words I didn't know, and I didn't read carefully at all. Now I take the time to search for context clues, and my vocabulary has improved so much. Now, I get interested in stories and read for the joy of it. Sometimes, Mrs. Gelfond and I trade books, and then discuss them. You should use Mrs. G as a tutor because she is friendly and patient. She understands how I learn best.
Maheen, 5th grader


Mrs Gelfond is the quintessential tutor or as my son calls her the "superhero" of tutors.  She has made the impossible possible. When she started working with my son, he had only been in the States 6 months and his language and math skills were lacking. He is now speaking English well, his math skills have improved, and he has gained confidence and self-esteem.  My son is artistic and she uses those skills to teach him so he can better understand the lessons.  I'm happy my son and I have the opportunity to work and learn from such a fine, knowledgeable, talented, compassionate and caring professional.
Patricia, parent of 5th grader

Zachary's current 3rd grade teacher has commented that his attentiveness and grades have improved since our sessions with you. Please continue to keep up the great work! Zachary and I appreciate it tremendously!
Aaron, parent of 3rd grader

Randi is a fantastic tutor. Her time spent tutoring Maheen has greatly helped  this year. Maheen's reading scores have significantly increased and she is more confident in herself. I highly recommend Randi to anyone whose child needs help with their academics. Randi is very personable, likable, patient and professional. We love having her as a tutor.
Ayesha, parent of 5th grader

Mrs. Gelfond has helped my son by building up his self-esteem and giving him the tools needed for success.
Danielle, parent of 3rd grader

Thank you for your patience and dedication. 4th grade here we come!
Marcela, parent of 3rd grader

Mrs. Gelfond has tutored my son this past year. His research and writing skills have improved so much. He looks forward to going to tutoring with Mrs. Gelfond. I would highly recommend her for tutoring!
Ronda, parent of 6th grader

Randi helped my daughter in several school subjects. Randi is a motivated educator who builds great rapport with students. Her top qualities: great results, expert, creative
Tracey, parent of 5th grader

Anthony has always been an A/B student. For some reason, he started having some trouble in 4th grade. We decided that he needed additional help and were referred to Mrs. Gelfond. We liked her from the start! From the first tutoring session, she was able to pinpoint Anthony’s strengths and weaknesses, and has shown him how to use them to his advantage. We’ve seen a huge improvement, and were very pleased when his math grade improved a whole grade level! Mrs. Gelfond is an amazing teacher, and is dedicated to helping children overcome their obstacles. For Anthony, her outgoing and fun personality has kept him interested and focused, and I recommend her services to anyone needing that extra push.
Christina, parent of 4th grader

Mrs. Gelfond works on gifted enrichment lessons with my daughter. Even though Samantha is in a full-time gifted classroom, she tends to bring home worksheets, which don’t do much to stimulate her interest. Samantha was missing that “spark” that she had last year. With Mrs. Gelfond’s encouragement, her curiosity has exploded! Mrs. G creates her lessons so that they have something to do with what my daughter loves most: plants and animals. Together, they study animals in field guides, make plans for imaginary gardens, and complete journal entries about what they learn. Even though my daughter doesn’t notice, everything they do together improves her reading, writing, and math skills. Mrs. Gelfond just naturally understands the ways my daughter learns best. I’m sure your child will enjoy learning with her too!
Paul, parent of 4th grader

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